Sheen offers both individual and group nature photography workshops.   Her expertise is in finding and creating photography opportunities with  birds, wildlife, macro and landscape. 

Additionally, she can readily translate the 'technical camera jargon' to useable techniques for beginning and advanced photographers. 

What to Expect:

Her approach is to understand where you are in your photography and what you want to learn.  Whether it's learning how to operate the camera or exploring Exposure, Settings, Creative Composition and camera gear options, she will work with you and/or your group to maximize the learning experience. 

Her primary focus is that you increase your confidence and creativity behind the lens so that your time spent in photography is fun and personally rewarding.

Sheen's approach is engaging.  She will ask questions, challenge her audience to try new techniques and tools.  Her workshops include sharing photography experiences and concepts that illustrate how to elevate skills in a fun, easy setting.  

She will also talk about how to discover interesting subjects that many will pass by without a second glance.

How to Schedule:

To schedule an individual session or request information about having Sheen conduct a workshop for your group, you can reach her via email at