"Art and artistry is both simple and complex.  

The simplicity resides in the admiration, the beauty and respect for my subject.  The complexity is translating what my eyes see and what my heart feels into a body of work.  

My collections cross nature and travels in its pure form, digital artistry and creativity, and also abstract perspectives. My color palettes and techniques range from soft and serene to whimsical and bold, and others quite dramatic. 

My work reflects my love of nature, travel and being outdoors."


Sheen Watkins is a full time photographer, individual/group workshop instructor (Zoom and in-person) and editor of Aperture and Light, a photography site dedicated to photographers on the go.  She lives Northport, Michigan with her husband, Dave and their two dogs. As a family, they spend many hours each week outdoors immersed in nature across all four seasons.   

A long term birder and nature enthusiast, she wished for many years for a camera to capture the beauty of the birds she experienced behind binoculars.  Little did she know what was on the photography horizon.

Initially, she focused primarily on birds, then other wildlife using telephoto lenses. It wasn't long until the photography bug took hold and she expanded into flowers, landscapes, adventure and travel photography. 

Sheen's photography and writings have been featured in corporate calendars,  Audubon Society newsletters and awards, The Leelanau Conservancy, numerous articles and a news story on Fox 2 News in Detroit, Michigan.  She's been a member of the global photography & writing team for Light Stalking a site dedicated to creating beautiful photography for photographers at all levels. Her articles and photography can also be found on the Loaded Landscapes photography site.

Sheen enjoys helping others grow in their photography journey.  She offers group and individual workshops on request and has been a featured speaker for photography events across Michigan.

She also serves on the board for Northport Arts Association, Saving Birds Thru Habitat and is a sustaining member of the Leelanau Conservancy.   

You can purchase Sheen's work through the galleries on this website or on her Etsy shop Sheen Watkin's Studio.  She is also active on social media with Instagram: Swnaturephoto and on her Facebook page:  Sheen's Nature Photography.  

If you have questions, please email Sheen at [email protected] 

Thank you for visiting!