Instruction - Zoom/Video or In Person Workshops (adhering to COVID-19 Safety Practices)

Sheen offers both individual and group nature photography workshops via teleconference and in-person.   Her expertise is in finding and creating photography opportunities with  birds, wildlife, macro and landscape. Her post processing techniques span the creative range of traditional post processing to digital artistry.

Her first priority is to help you elevate your ability so that you convey what you saw and felt at the time of image capture.  She effectively translates the 'technical camera and post processing jargon' to useable techniques for beginning and advanced photographers.

Client Testimonials:

If you are a photographer and looking to improve your skills, I highly recommend taking an on-line workshop with Sheen Watkins. Not only is her nature portfolio world class, but she is an excellent instructor. Whether you are looking to improve your photo or editing skills, she can patiently guide you through all the intricate details of your subject matter.   NORM

Thank you so much for the 1X1 training on the use of Lightroom cataloging and grouping.  Although I used Lightroom for several other things, I stopped using it to organize folders after I had the catalog crash on me twice in the past.  Although I have come to learn that the type of USB drive I was using contributed to the crash, I was so discouraged that I stopped using Lightroom for that purpose a few years ago.

After Sheen provided training to our camera club, I was encouraged to revisit my approach, which then led me to reach out for a more focused 1X1 session with Sheen.  I so appreciate Sheen's gift for teaching.  Her knowledge of Lightroom is excellent and no question goes unanswered.  Her kind approach and patience in working with people is excellent.  My session with Sheen encouraged me to not only used Lightroom again for organizing images, but also to improve my back up storage strategy by including Backblaze into the mix. 

Thank you for everything and I highly recommend people to take advantage of your trainings and workshops. 

Money well spent!   DONNA

I had a lovely photography introduction session with Sheen. She took the time to ask the right questions before we met and structured the content perfectly! If just getting started with photography or seeking some inspiration, I highly recommend connecting with her for a session of your own and/or signing up for her tips and articles, they are amazing: Aperture and Light STACEY

What to Expect:

Her approach is to understand where you are in your work today and where you want to go.  Sheen coaches her clients in a variety of areas to help them achieve their goals.  Technical areas include camera gear selection and operations, exposure, settings and shooting modes.  She also offers composition guidance and image feedback if requested.  Overall, she engages with you and the group to ensure a lasting learning experience. 

She'll also help you to elevate your post processing techniques and artistry using Lightroom, Photoshop, DxO and/or Topaz.

Her primary focus is that you increase your confidence and creativity behind the lens so that your  personal time spent in photography is fun and personally rewarding.  

Sheen's approach is engaging.  She will ask questions, challenge her audience to try new techniques and tools.  Her workshops include sharing photography experiences and concepts that illustrate how to elevate skills in a fun, easy setting.  

To schedule an individual/small group  Zoom/Video or In-person/small group workshop with Sheen, or to learn more about her workshops, send an email to:  [email protected]  She'll respond via phone or email (your preference).

Individual and Group Rates - all workshops are customized to the needs of the participants:

Video Custom Workshop Rates - these are conducted in increments of 90 minutes - 2 hours

For an individual video workshop - $50.00 per session

For 2 - 5 participants - $45.00 per person

For 6 + participants - $35.00 per person

In Person Rates

1/2 day and full day rates for an individual session are $125 for 1/2 day, $240 for a full day. 

1/2 day and full day rates for groups of 2 - 6 are $115 for 1/2 day, $220 for a full day. Price is per participant. 

1/2 day and full rates for groups of 7 - 11 are $100 for 1/2 day, $180 for a full day.  Price is per participant.

Speaking engagements - professional organizations:

Sheen conducts presentations and group workshops for professional organizations, camera clubs, art groups and others.  She is also available for trade shows.  Prices for these sessions are customized for the specific event.  

Travel workshops:
Due to COVID - 19, travel workshops were deferred.  Announcement coming soon.